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Unified Communications is not a single tool or product, but a collection of solutions that allows all of your technology to work together, for real-time collaboration. It’s a multiplier that leverages the power of all your devices, and your investment in them. AspenUC integrates Voice, Video Conferencing, IM, Email, Desktop and File Sharing, Team Status and much more. The results are big wins in enhanced collaboration, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, productivity, and the bottom line.


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Every aspen tree is part of a larger, singular organism connected by an extensive root system. In a single stand, each tree is a genetic replicate of the other. Aspens grow all the time, even in winter. The root system flourishes underground even as harsh conditions suppress growth of less evolved organisms above. Much like Aspens, we found our namesake: AspenUC is a managed service that requires no capital investment on your part. It’s always “on”, connecting you, your team and your customers; and it’s virtually infinitely and seamlessly expandable.

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Aspen UC is here!
Aspen UC is here!
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Future-Proof Your Phone System

We’ve teamed with Yealink to provide next-generation phone systems at costs lower than traditional PBX systems. Why? Because how well your phone system works is a reflection on your company’s professionalism and competence. You need a business phone system that is reliable, has good call quality, and that provides you with all the call features a modern business requires. Upgrade your business phone system to a cloud VoIP system, and you’ll see 5 immediate benefits:

  • Scalability: Small start-ups have a way of growing rapidly, and rapidly outgrowing outdated business phone systems.
  • Enterprise-Level Features, Even for Small Businesses
  • Unified Communications for Improved Efficiency
  • Cost Effectiveness and Quick ROI
  • Better Customer Service

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