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TDM / SONET (T1 to OC-192)

Quantum Communications provides a variety of TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) and SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) transport options. These transport services can be used to provide high capacity point to point connections for transporting voice, video and data from one location to another. In addition, dedicated high speed Internet access can be delivered across all of these transport solutions.

Quantum's TDM and SONET transport services utilize both copper and fiber infrastructures. With Quantum's extensive fiber plant in Central Oregon, Central Office facilities, carrier interconnects and access to over 2,200 miles of regional fiber, services can be delivered locally and across the Northwest. This broad reach allows customers to build first class regional networks with access to large metro areas such as Portland, Seattle and the Tri-Cities.

patch-panel-1-176x300.jpgQuantum Communications can provide TDM and SONET transport services ranging from T1 to OC-192 (speeds up to 10Gbs).

TDM and SONET Transports Options:

T1 – 1.5Mbs
DS3 – 45Mbs
OC-3 – 155Mbs
OC-12 – 622Mbs
OC-24 – 1.244Gbs
OC-48 – 2.488Gbs
OC-192 – 10Gbs