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Commitment and attention to service excellence is one of the major differentiators that sets Quantum apart from competitors.  The result of this commitment to service excellence is that Quantum continues to enjoy a high customer retention rate. This sets Quantum apart in a very exclusive category among industry Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs).  Quantum’s network is monitored and supported on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis by a highly qualified team of dedicated network operations specialists.

Quantum’s operational service objective is for Quantum personnel to make contact with our customers within 15 minutes of any disruption of service on the network.  Customer service excellence has been and will continue to be the foundation of Quantum’s success.  We are committed to the collective success of our valued customers.

Please read the Terms of Service

 Acceptable Use Policy


 This section of your User agreement details some of the basic rules of participation in the Internet community and constitutes part of our terms of Service. By your use of the Service, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy. Quantum Communications reserves the sole and unconditional right to refuse, suspend or terminate Service to anyone who violates these rules as determined by Quantum Communications, in its sole discretion.

1. Illegal Use – You agree that when you transmit, upload, post or submit any content, images or data using the Service you have the LEGAL right to do so and that your use of such data or content does not violate any law, including copyright or trademark laws, or any other third party rights. Quantum Communications cooperates with local and federal authorities in investigations into illegal Internet use, and will take both criminal and civil legal action against Users who are determined to be using the Service in an unlawful way. You agree not to directly or indirectly allow a third party to use the Service in an illegal or unsuitable manner.

2. Harassment – You agree not to use the Service for harassment, threats, verbal abuse, and persistent unwanted contact of any kind. Harassment covers any use of the Service to directly or indirectly contact any other user (including users of another Internet service) in an unwanted fashion. This includes but is not limited to unwanted e-mail communication or threatening chat messages.

3. Disruption/Hacking – You agree not to make any attempt to disrupt or attack the systems or Services provided by Quantum Communications or any third party. This includes any deliberate attempt to interfere with another user's ability to take advantage of services offered online. This also includes any effort to secure access to hardware and services without the consent of the provider for those services. Hackers will be subject to the full extent of criminal law, and Quantum Communications reserves the right to seek damages or legal recourse against Users who abuse, attack, or hack their systems, servers, or Services.

4. Fraud/False Advertising – You agree not to post or transmit fraudulent information on or through the Service. This can include false advertising, identity theft, or misrepresentation of any kind including phishing, forged email headers or fictitious email addresses.

5. Unsolicited Advertising/Spamming – You agree not to post or transmit any unsolicited material through any active medium such as email, chat, messaging, chain letters, advertisements, jokes, etc. Quantum Communications does not tolerate unsolicited mass emailing (Spamming) of any kind, and the use of any of Quantum Communications Services for this purpose is strictly prohibited.

6. Use of Servers – Unless you are a Quantum Commercial Business Customer, You agree that You will not establish or operate a web server, email server, FTP server, file server or run any other server applications and/or software providing server-like functionality in connection with the Service.  

7. Reselling or Reconfiguring the Service- You may not resell the Service or redistribute or reconfigure the Service to allow others to use the Service in an illegal, fraudulent or inappropriate manner.

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