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Ethernet Services

Quantum Communications has been leading the way with Carrier Ethernet solutions for over 4 years. Ethernet is becoming the preferred protocol for both Enterprise LAN and WAN environments. Quantum Communications provides Ethernet services to Central Oregon and around the Northwest in order to build high capacity, scalable regional networks.

Ethernet is a widely deployed, cost-effective and well-known technology. Today, 98% of all data traffic in enterprise networks start and end on an Ethernet port. Ethernet, the dominant data communications protocol in the networking industry, has 30 years of history in enterprise LAN environments and is now available for LAN, MAN and WAN environments.

Cost Effectiveness: Infrastructure and equipment costs for Ethernet are significantly less than frame relay or ATM costs. This is due to the economy-of-scale arising from the existing installed base of Ethernet and the relative technical simplicity of Ethernet.

Quantum Communications can provide Ethernet services over fiber, copper or secure microwave solutions. Available access speeds range from 1Mbs up to 1,000Mbs (GE).

Quantum Communications also provides enhanced Ethernet capabilities including: Multiple VLAN’s, QoS, L2TP and VLAN Stacking. With these additional services, Quantum Communications can prioritize traffic to ensure that VoIP or Video Conferencing applications run smoothly over the Extended LAN (ELAN).

For more information on Metro and WAN Ethernet and the standards that are being developed, please visit the Metro Ethernet Forum.